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  • How long does it take to activate an account?

    Immediately after payment.

    Do you provide refunds?

    Yes, only if you haven't used the software or have problems using it.

    Are there any technical requirements to use your cheats?

    We support Windows 10 (32-64Bit) or Windows 11 (64Bit). We support all CPUs.

    Do you offer trial periods?

    No, because of security reasons.

    Can I have a discount?

    From time to time we have discounts, stay tuned for store updates or for news on our forum.

    Can i use the cheat on my laptop?

    Yes, but it is desirable to have an updated Windows system and good hardware.

    Can I use the cheat on different computers?

    No, it will be locked to your PC's unique Hardware ID. If you changed your computer or upgraded your hardware, just reset your HWID through the support system.

    HWID Resets are free?

    You have 3 free resets.

    Can I buy multiple cheats at the same time,


    Where can I find the config?

    After the purchase, you will have 3 free Legit and Semi Legit configs. You can also find them on our forum.

    Where i can found a Cheats Status?

    Do you support Faceit Client?

    At the moment, yes, and we support it for a long time.

    If I invited my friend can I get a discount?

    Yes, please contact our administrators for details.

    Can I stream/record with your cheats and the cheats will not show?

    Yes, all our cheats are fully streamproof.

    Fortnite software support controller?


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