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  1. No need for USB, yes it works on version 23h2 of Windows 11.
  2. Yes, and our anti-cheat status updating everyday - https://akroscheats.xyz/index.php?/status/
  3. This cheat supports Ryzen and Windows 11 OS. It has not been detected since release and does not affect BIOS settings for user convenience.
  4. Your account already activated. Regards, Hank.
  5. Just wait for confirmations then your account be activated automatically.
  6. Sorry, we are not interested in resellers at this time. Regards, Hank.
  7. Already verified, please check.
  8. Yes, CS2 cheat updated and ready to play on Faceit.
  9. There was not a single.
  10. Access given, enjoy. Regards, Hank.
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