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CS2 Cheat updated to new version (bug fixes and security improvements)

The best CSGO cheat ever used


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10/10 Really good never misses my target.

Sound ESP
8/10 I don't really like it that much it took me awhile to get used to it but it's nicer than regular ESP.

RCS/Legit Spray
7/10 Been using cheats with straight rcs aimbot so it follows its target instead of just pulling the gun down but its still nice and looks legit. Also its very hard to move your gun when the rcs is pulling down until you get used to it and mess around with your settings to fix.

7/10 Weird feature, maybe I don't know how to use it, looks like I'm shooting with a prefire. I don't use it.

10/10 Nice support team, they are very friendly.

I have 2700+ elo and 900 matches on Faceit, no bans in 300 matches. There were also no bans in matchmaking, everything is fine.

I recommend to buy.

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