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Hello all !

ive been using akros for quite some time and ive decided to write a review on the cheat.

The cheat in general is far the best cheat ive used in my CS time. Ive used many but akroscheats stands out because of the security and the flexability of the cheat. The cheat has gotten so much better and it still progresses to be better after the hard work put into the cheat. Ive grown so much onto the cheat that ive decided to purchase the 360 days. Ive used this cheat on my main account with 400 hours. I havent gotten a ban or ow and it is truley one of the best secure cheats you can get.

The Akroscheats community is a very unique and loving group. Everyday I get on akroscheats and see members of akros helping other members if they can, and I see Hank, Akros and the rest of the akroscheats staff helping out so much to their best ability to help the people in need. Its also amazing to see just fun convos people have with the staff and other members. I love the events that happen as well such as the video editing contest, which i participated in and was fueled by the akros community.

All in all, I give this cheat a 9.7/10

Thanks so much @Hank and @AKROS staff for holding this special community strong!

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