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I started to subscribe to this hack for about 3 months ago. I am a decent player that goes by smfc-ge rank but still want to try the hack.

I use this for mainly aim assist, I use my own personal settings *which I think I can still buy a better setting from someone else* lol. It helps me alot at the game, after I off the cheat and play legit, it helps my aim alot better and can now hit shots like im still on aimbot. This hack gives me confidence that I can hit every shot like the aimbot on akroscheats after I turn it off. There have been no bans in 3 months of playing on faceit, I play very carefully with the settings sent to me @Hank for which i am very grateful 🙂

Plus, I get to try this at LAN and works amazing. So If you want to have better game sense/aim and have a different playstyle. I suggest you buy and try it out for yourself.

No VAC or OWs bans up to now, hopefully it will stay that way.


Always helpful and will answer your questions and help you out in anything that they can.

Sound ESP: 

I personally dont use this, but it is awesome. something unique and you wont be too obvious on looking at walls. Better than wallhacks imo, it makes you better as of awareness.

AIMBOT: with the right settings, its really good.


Worth every penny 🙂


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